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Australia’s Go To for High Performance Gym Wear Online

Hurricane Gym Wear was created with one vision in mind: designing high performance gym clothing that helps trainers reach their full potential. Our founder, Mick, believes there are three key elements to designing precision gym gear. The clothing needs to be made to last, feel great and look great in the process.

As a dedicated gym lover himself, Mick went to work on creating a fitness wear label that is destined to take the world by storm. Our gym wear, for sale at our online store, combines these three essential ingredients, the result being some of the most efficient fitness apparel to hit the market in years.

Mick found that Australia’s gym gear was outdated and under performing, and didn’t utilise advanced materials to create an effective workout. Therefore, he spent countless hours designing and sourcing the materials to create Hurricane Gym Wear – Australia’s newest gym clothing sensation.

Our Extensive Range of Precision Gym Gear

Hurricane Gym Wear has a comprehensive range of gym clothing for training junkies, bodybuilders and powerlifters. It is the Hurricane belief that true potential in the gym can only be reached in the right apparel, nothing can be holding you back. Therefore, when Mick went to work on producing this most outstanding collection of gear, excellence was the one word in mind.

Our precision gym gear is for sale right here at our online store and available for delivery throughout Australia.

Innovation: The Key to Excellence

As experts in the production of highly innovative gym clothing, Hurricane only uses the most cutting-edge materials to develop our range. We know that you need an outstanding level of comfort and support to reach your full training potential, therefore we don’t skip out on any level of design. From the early stages and workshopping, to the sourcing of high quality materials right through to the production method, we ensure that every aspect of our process is kept tight, just like a true workout should be.

Mick’s dedicated team of designers work together along with the help of the gym community to produce a collection of gym clothing that is perfect for any level of fitness routine. Versatile, comfortable and aesthetically stunning, Hurricane is a name you want to remember when selecting your gym gear.

Buy Gym Gear at Our Online Store

Feel free to check out Hurricane’s online store, where you find high performance gym clothing for men, women, for casual trainers to gym professionals. Our extensive collection includes everything from tanks to tees, hoodies and leggings. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive range of accessories including caps and shakers.

We have put countless hours into designing gym clothing that you can be proud to show off in the gym. Not only this, the comfort and support provided by Hurricane Gym Wear is sure to help you take your workout to new extremes.

Hurricane is here to share our love for training – browse our collection right here.

Hurricane gym wear is a Ballarat based brand that’s been in the making since early 2016. 

Mick, the creator of Hurricane believes there are three key elements to consider when creating gym wear. 

It has to be…

  • Made to last
  • Look great
  • And feel great too

So that’s exactly what we have created.

Where other companies fall short in one or more of these very important elements, Hurricane comes in strong to provide you with clothing that moves the way it should, while you concentrate on hitting it hard at the gym. Our promise is that your new clothing will stand the test of time, feel great, and that you’ll look great while you work out.

With Mick already working a full time job to support his family, our brand was created during long nights and weekends. Planning, sourcing and designing only the best.

Finally, after a lot of coffee and late nights, putting in the research required to launch something different, Hurricane Gym Wear is ready to take the world by storm.

Mick and the team are so proud to present to you… Hurricane Gym Wear.

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