5 Tips for Staying Motivated at the Gym

Adnan Miah
5 Tips for Staying Motivated at the Gym

Staying motivated to reach your fitness goals can be difficult, but if you follow these five simple tips you should be able to maintain a healthy dedication to the craft.

1. Set Realistic, SMART Goals

It’s awesome to have objectives like, “I want to be bigger” but without more direction and specifics, you’ll most likely lose focus and become disappointed with your results.

Instead, consider goals in the SMART form:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

If you want to lose weight, for example, a direct goal might be “I want to lose 15kg by the end of the year”. Once you know your goal, think up a way in which you can toward the goal each week (e.g. cycling for half an hour each week). Even you don’t achieve the overall goal, you will be way more focused and progress further than you did without SMART goals.

2. Find a Workout Partner

Skipping a workout and lying around is a pretty easy feat to achieve. Having a mate that can help keep you accountable and motivated is the best way to get you going into the gym when it might seem easier to slump on the couch and watch an episode of MAFS. What’s more, you will push yourself further and your workouts will be more enjoyable, you own’t be looking down at your phone so much and this is a good way to keep focused on the environment you’re in.

3. Switch Up Your Routine

Completing the same tasks over and over again can become tedious after a while, and the gym is no exception. People often lose motivation and quit when they get stuck in the same routine. If you have already run on the treadmill a couple of times this week, mix it up and go for a cycle or a row.

Your body will adapt to the new routine over time, so if you keep switching it up you will stay engaged and achieve better results.

4. Make a Playlist

We all know music is one of the best accompaniments to a workout. It elevates your mood and stimulates your performance. There is nothing better than pumping your favourite, uptempo tunes when reaching the pinnacle of a big workout. According to certain studies, music can enhance your performance by up to 15 per cent, so there’s no reason to bust out that favourite playlist and pump out a big workout. But the same goes for music as it does your routine: change it occasionally – it will stay fresh this way.

5. Rest is Essential

Your body has to recover in between workouts. Pushing yourself to the limit every of the week will leave you mentally and, of course, physically exhausted. Make sure you have a healthy sleep and rest before your next workout. Otherwise, you will get over being tired and want to quit altogether.

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