Why Weight Training is Awesome for Women

Adnan Miah
Why Weight Training is Awesome for Women

If you have seen the before and after pictures of weight training and worry that it will add bulk to your figure, don’t stress. Weight training can be just as valuable for women as it can be for men. Using the right techniques will give your body a lean, long and strong physique.

This is why it is a good idea to add weight training to your routine.

Weight Training Burns Fat

This one of the best reasons for women to engage in strength training. You burn more fat at a resting rate when you increase your muscle mass. A study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that women who lift weights up to three times a week displayed impressive body fat reductions as well as reduced cholesterol. Furthermore, they managed to maintain body mass throughout the process, and this indicates the maintenance of a strong, lean physique.

Resistance Training is Awesome for Your Bones

Not all exercises are on par in terms of maintaining bone health. Research suggests that resistant training enhances your muscle force and power, two things that are imperative for maintaining bone density. Resistance training is said to be far more effective than aerobic exercise for bone health. 

Strength Training Helps Retain Muscle Mass

People lose up to 3-5% muscle mass each decade after the age of 30. This phenomenon is known as sarcopenia, and is a frustrating element of ageing. However, there is good news: you can maintain plenty of muscle mass through resistance and weight training. Regardless of the age, you can see an improvement in muscle mass by undertaking a resistance training schedule.

Strong – The New Skinny

You don’t have to starve yourself to look amazing – you need to eat and treat your body properly. Reducing body fat without losing body mass means you’ll look fit and lean as opposed to weak and flimsy. Weight training is one of the best ways to tighten, tone and sculpt your muscles.

Weight Training Empowers, Builds Confidence

Pushing and lifting feels amazing and is great for one’s personal confidence. If you’ve had a bad day at work, there is nothing better than heading to the gym on the way home and lifting up to 80% of maximum capacity for a while – you feel a whole better than you did when you were leaving the workplace.

With a Little Help, Anyone Can Master It

If you choose the right methodology, you will have a great amount of control over how resistance and weight training will change your body. It’s important to work initially with a personal training, as they can train you in the skills required to create a healthy, ongoing weights routine. You will soon be able to strut into the gym with the confidence that your routine is helping your body and mind.

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